Historical Controversies And Revisionism - Collection 2

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  1. Weir - History’s Greatest Lies; the Startling Truths behind World Events Our History Books Got Wrong (2009).pdf 133 MB
  2. Milner (Ed.) - A New Significance; Re-Envisioning the History of the American West (1996).pdf 21 MB
  3. Tosh - The Pursuit of History; Aims, Methods and New Directions in the Study of Modern History, 5e (2010).pdf 15 MB
  4. Yahya - A Historical Lie; the Stone Age (2006).pdf 7,661 KB
  5. Reed - The Controversy of Zion; the Hidden History of Zionism (1978).pdf 7,633 KB
  6. Morris - 1948; a History of the First Arab-Israeli War (2009).epub 6,382 KB
  7. Nicolov - The World Conspiracy; What the Historians Don't Tell You (1990).pdf 5,835 KB
  8. Hoffman (Eds.) - Major Problems in American History; Vol. 1, to 1877, 3e (2012).pdf 5,350 KB
  9. Berger & Lorenz (Eds.) - Nationalizing the Past; Historians as Nation Builders in Modern Europe (2010).pdf 4,096 KB
  10. Cremo & Thompson - Forbidden Archeology; the Hidden History of the Human Race (1998).epub 3,978 KB
  11. Nickell - Unsolved History; Investigating Mysteries of the Past (2005).epub 3,007 KB
  12. Epperson - The Unseen Hand; an Introduction to the Conspiratorial View of History (1985).pdf 2,970 KB
  13. Joseph (Ed.) - Discovering the Mysteries of Ancient America; Lost History and Legends Unearthed and Explored (2006).pdf 2,900 KB
  14. Galgano - Doing History; Research and Writing in the Digital Age (2008).pdf 2,253 KB
  15. Bruinius - Better for All the World; the Secret History of Forced Sterilization and America's Quest for Racial Purity (2006).epub 2,020 KB
  16. Chomsky - Year 501, The Conquest Continues (1993).pdf 1,610 KB
  17. McNeill - The Pursuit of Truth; a Historian's Memoir (2005).pdf 1,382 KB
  18. Aaronovitch - Voodoo Histories; the Role of the Conspiracy Theory in Shaping Modern History (2010).epub 473 KB
  19. Schraq & Haze - The Suppressed History of America (2011).epub 360 KB
  20. Faurisson - Impact and Future of Holocaust Revisionism (J. Historical Review, Jan-Feb 2000).pdf 290 KB

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